The Idea

WingMate is using a conversational process asking its customers everyday and also personal questions by which the profile is enriched with data points to enable the achievement of a perfect match.

WingMate requests on an optional basis to get answers on questions from its customers and as an important part of the process it is offering encrypted personal voice messages between the participants in different depth at every later stage of the process increasing the intimacy step by step. The personal assistant will help getting relevant information for the date, delivering aggregated personal data and services, before and after the dates.

Just to make the perfect match happen.

The Team

Left to right: Kirill, Filippos, Nico, Iuna, Soyeon, Andrey

The Process


In the first day of the Hackathon the Team decided to brainstorm the general implementation ideas in the lo-fi fashion - using post-its and mind mapping. The use case was broken down into main 4 Steps:

  1. Conversational profiling
  2. Match-Making
  3. Voice messages
  4. Date night: wing mate advices for the first date


After nailing down the main steps of the conversational user interface, the Team began working on the first dialog flow. The method that was used is called it the “successful path”. With the help of role playing the Team created the general understanding what the voice prototype might look like.


The Team used to create both Alexa Skill and Google Action. The idea was to show live multi-user interactions on multiple devices. You might be an Alexa user or Google Home user - there is nothing standing in your way to be together!

There are three features the Tech Lead of the Team is especially proud of:

  1. Creating machine learning algorithm based on Algolia | Fast, Reliable and Modern Search and Discovery
  2. Coming up with and implementing patent pending “Wave ID” algorithm for account linking between Alexa / Google Home and companion app using the sound wave! No emails, no phone numbers! Just sound!
  3. Encrypted voice messages between users - that were demonstrated live on stage!

The Result

Build your own award-winning Alexa Skill and Google Action on BotTalk
WingMate Submission on DevPost
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