You're eager to get on board with the Voice Revolution, to create a brand new Alexa Skill, to put your existing product into Google Action... But you just don't know where to start!

Sounds familiar?

You've been meaning to publish a new skill for a long time, but putting it off, because you really don't know what kind of use cases you can implement with voice?

We all have been there.

And that's why we at BotTalk thought - why not to help our users? With a little bit of inspiration. Just enough structure for your first voice interface - that you can take, fill in some blanks - and boom - you're on Amazon's Skill Store!

That's why we created Template for you. What are Templates? We think the best way to explain is to just jump in.

Imagine you want to develop a skill that helps Airbnb guests around the house.

House Guest Template

Alexa, open House Guest

Alexa: Welcome to our home! Are you looking for something? Just ask! For example: "Where is TV remote?" or "How do I lock the door?" or "What is the number of the host?"

What is the WiFi password?

Alexa: The WiFi password is abCesx

How do I turn on the air conditioner?

Alexa: To turn on the air conditioner just use the remote on the wall.

How to customize?

  1. Edit the slots.yml file in order to add things your guests might want to find or do:
  - 'TV remote'
  - 'WiFi password'
  - 'lock the door'
  - 'turn on the air conditioner'
  1. Edit the intetns.yml file and come up with the variations of how your guests could ask Alexa / Google Home for instructions:
  - 'Where is the {thing_to_find}'
  - 'How do I {thing_to_do}'
  - 'Contact'
  - 'Contact information of the host'
  - 'Call the host'
  - 'What is the number of the host'
  1. Edit the main.yml file to provide the answers to the guests' requests. For instance, that's how "How do I..." step looks like:
- name: How Do I Step
    - sendText: >
        {% if thing_to_do == 'lock the door' %}
          You can lock the door with the digital key, using your mobile phone.
          Yes, we're very forward-thinking house.
        {% elseif thing_to_do == 'turn on the air conditioner' %}
          To turn on the air conditioner just use the remote on the well.
        {% endif %}
    - sendText: >
        Is there anything else I can do for you?
    - getInput:
    where_is: Where Is Step
    how_do_i: How Do I Step
    contact: Contact Step

Now that was easy!

Build Amaizing Skills and Actions

We have published this template, as well as the library of other templates on our GitHub page:

Feel free to copy and paste those into BotTalk! And - if you really want to help the community of BotTalk users - fork this repo, submit your own templates, write us comments, give us a star =)

We'd love to see what you'll build next!