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The Voice Design Revolution Continues: An Interview with Alexa Skills Developer Steffen Prey: Steffen Prey, an Alexa Skills Developer and all-round voice expert, talks about the voice field and how he ended up designing an Alexa Skill for a visually impaired blogger.

How Can Marketers Know If Voice Activation Is Working? Amazon Alexa’s Dave Isbitski Explains Fallback Intent: "Meet your customer in the moment," Isbitski advises, "because the one thing you can't measure right now is what are your customers asking you."

Alexa for Hospitality: Amazon is interested in cooperating with Hotels. Next time you're on vacation you'll be able just to say "Alexa, order room service" or "Alexa, send up two more towels".

Amazon releases Alexa software development kit for automotive infotainment systems: And we see that Alexa wants also to be in your car.

Alexa, open Cortana; Cortana, open Alexa: Ok, where DOESN'T Alexa want to be?! Alexa Everywhere strategy is visible this week stronger as ever before.

Bose Brings Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Integration to the QC35 IIs: More integrations...

What's The Purpose of a Smart Speaker?: At the moment we aren't using Voice to transact, but will we? Our partners at L2 say it doesn't matter. What's the purpose of the Smart Speaker? Hopefully, not to erode our mental well being. Great study from the University of Washington on this topic.

As Amazon and Google keep bickering, consumers are the ones who lose: A little bit of more controversy on the topic.

Finding Local Destinations with Siri’s Regionally Specific Language Models for Speech Recognition: First, we learn that there is a Speech Recognition Team. Second, that's the first issue of the bulletin from this team. Third... Apple is serious about Voice. Or is it?

Saint Louis University will put 2,300 Echo Dots in student residences: Alexa skills will answer your questions about campus life.

How to Tune Your Guitar Using Alexa: One fun thing before weekend starts =)